Our Mission

To keep your family, home, and business safe.
Our electrical services focus on quality and the highest safety standards.

Focused on Keeping Personal Care

KPC, Inc.’s Unparalleled Quality and Safety


Our experienced and highly trained staff is committed to providing top safety standards and high quality performance. We are a team of professionals who share the same passion and philosophy to provide our customers with an experience beyond common industry practices.

Keep Personal Care is our slogan. Electricity can produce life-threatening hazards that can put people and property at risk. We use education and safety protocols as preventive measures to ensure your family, employees, and property remain safe.

Customers appreciate our approach and become part of our extended family. We connect with each individual and explore their unique needs to customize our service and create outstanding results. Not all projects are created equal, we understand that behind each job, there are individuals looking to fulfill an important goal in their lives. Our customers feel peace of mind knowing that every part of our service has their best interest in mind.

We enjoy valuable partnerships with trusted professionals who share our values and integrity. The materials and equipment used measure up to the most responsible industry standards. Through valuable affiliations, we have produced a diverse portfolio of successful projects. We stay at the forefront of the rapidly changing electrical market.

What We Do

KPC, Inc. provides electrical services that meet national industry codes and regulations for residential, commercial, and light industrial projects. Our skilled work covers a variety of electrical installations and repairs. We conduct safety inspections that show the current condition of your installations and make the necessary recommendations.

Our company specializes in chandelier installations in vaulted ceilings up to 22 feet high and camera systems. There are a variety of projects we undertake, our network of professionals have vast knowledge in almost any type of job.

The level of care with each customer extends beyond what you would expect from an electrical company. Our electrical are tailored to fulfill the vision of each individual as well as their time-frame, budget, and other specifications.

We provide guidance and our innovative ideas to create the unique electrical installations you desire, keeping safety and function in mind.

KPC, Inc.’s customers are trained in safety to ensure the installation is properly managed. We strive to provide the knowledge necessary to get the most out of your electrical installations.

Our customer care and administrative staff will also be there every step of the way to give you the best experience possible. Every detail of your case is handled with the most care. We build long-lasting relationships based on the attention we give to each customer and the results they enjoy.

Our Team

KPC, Inc. was founded by Norman Smith, whose passion for service brought him to start his own company. It all began when helping his community protect their homes from hurricanes. He helped many families and saw the impact it had on people’s lives. His interest in electrical work led him to create KPC, Inc. He saw safety as the number one priority and has dedicated his practice to creating an environment that upholds the most care.

His legacy to his children, he says, is the example of how he lives his day-to-day life. He inspires, motivates, and teaches them to live a life of integrity and faith in God. Norman feels that hard work is what makes dreams come true.

Through genuine care and dedication, Norman has created a strong team to support his dream.